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Testimonials: Testimonials

I cannot recommend Heather's reiki practice highly enough. Heather performed virtual/distance reiki on me while I was on my first flight with my six-month-old daughter. We were traveling cross-country and my daughter was teething, so things were a bit dicey. Toward the end of the flight, which turned out to be right when Heather was performing the reiki (although I did not know that at the time), I felt a sense of calm and relaxation throughout my body. My daughter seemed to pick up on the shift in energy; she calmed down and took a nap. For several days after my virtual session with Heather, I felt the positive effects: clearer headspace, less distracted, more energy. The cherry on top was the written notes Heather sent to me after the session along with a body diagram and notes about the work she did on each of my chakras. The notes made perfect sense and lined up with physical and emotional experiences I had been having prior to the session. Give yourself - or a loved one! - the gift of reiki by Heather. You will thank yourself later!

Bryn K

I think who you trust your energy to is a very important decision. I have known Dots [aka Heather] for almost 20 ears so I can attest to the fact that she has consistently been a source of love, light and positivity in my life. Dots did a distance reiki session for me last week, and last week was a very tough week for me. I was sick and so I couldn't go to my work meetings in Florida, which meant I was on Zoom. I hate Zoom and I was sick. And the day Dots did my session, we were going over this years comp plan which means math and numbers. Numbers and I do not get along and I am terrible at math, so I was dealing with all these negative emotions. When Dots did my session it felt like being enveloped in a warm loving light. Like a virtual loving hug.
And I just felt better. Like everything would be okay. So I don't think that there is a better person to trust your energy to

Alexis R

Seeking greater balance, clarity and direction I reconnected with my unicorn post partum doula - Heather Chiancola as she transitioned her service providing into the reiki world. She shared with me the power of reiki and energy work and offered to hold space for my energy, angst while I traveled by plane with my two young kiddos for the first time. Call it luck or call it the power of reiki but our travels went smoothly and I felt deeper peace knowing someone else in the universe was rooting for us positively. After this experience I immediately signed up for Heather’s reiki subscription where she provided monthly distance reiki sessions. She shares space in the universe with your spirit for an hour and reports back in a detailed PDF her findings. These results help guide you in the next steps or permission to rest that your body is calling for. I love how detailed and specific she was and how she sent it over so I could process on my own time and refer back to the recommendations as the month progressed. 

I know this is an investment not only in myself but in a woman who was placed on this earth to help radiate more light in others and create a better world for us all. I’m forever grateful for heather and all of the infinite ways she’s made my life better. 

Kiera S

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