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About Me

Hi! I am Heather Chiancola. My reiki journey began seven years ago when I started my career as a doula.

As both a birth and postpartum doula, I wanted to have as many comfort tools at the ready that I could provide to my clients. I used reiki for parents while they were in labor to provide pain relief, relax the body, and help calm their mind. In the postpartum period I was able to help clients sleep better, heal from birth, and process feelings around birth and new parenthood.

While I have *loved* working in the birth community, I felt called to turn my passion for helping and healing towards a greater number of people. 

Through my reiki practice, I am able to do just that! I enjoy using a clinically proven* healing modality that is beneficial to everyone. Getting feedback from my clients about how they have benefitted from our reiki sessions fills my heart. I would love the opportunity to help as many people (and pets!) as imaginable. 

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